Doesn’t time fly….

Although I taught from 2000 I didn’t get my first equipment until 2010. Takes time saving money, pilates equipment is expensive. I even had to sell my horse back then to help afford things. Plus it helps to have a supportive mum that helps you build your brand. Small businesses really do have to make personal sacrifices to survive or thrive. Today I have full range of authentic equipment in the studio. I’m just missing Read more…

I practice what I preach!

My specialism is using the Authentic Pilates Method – using the system that Joseph Pilates devised. The system is a proven, scientific method which has no gimmicks it just requires patience, persistence and consistency. The Authentic Pilates Method is scientifically proven to work. True authentic Pilates takes years of training and practice, and it is not something that can be learnt in a weekend for either teachers or clients. A basic rule of an authentic Read more…

Private Groups

A Reminder of the Cadillac and Towers. These are great for groups of 3 in the studio. This is a great way of working on the equipment using the Joseph Pilates Method when you can’t budget for a private session. You have access to many more exercises than just the mat using the roll back bar, push through bar, leg and arm springs, neck stretcher, aeroplane boards, kuna board, 2×4, small barrel and spine corrector.

Pilates for men

Pilates for men in a short 30 minute class starting Thursday 5.15pm. Simple and effective. Strengthen from within and make your core strong. Support and lengthen your spine. Improve your posture and mobility. It’s not girly the system of exercises was created by a man and makes your whole body strong.

Class Availability

Availability is limited due to small classes. Authentic Pilates apparatus, folding mats and Bench mats used in all classes. Original and archival exercises used from Joseph Pilates method. 3 person Tower bespoke classes available. This gives you full use of leg springs, arm springs, roll back bar, push through bar, airplane boards, 2×4, barrels, magic circle, toe corrector and bean bag device. Privates and Duo’s fill the rest of the week. Using the full range Read more…

Two new classes

Thursday 4.30 rehab & rebalance – 30 min Thursday 5.15pm 30 min authentic Pilates Shorter classes for those will less time, great for beginners and those with imbalances and coming back from injuries. Strictly booked in advance as small classes. 4 week blocks. All other classes are still on as normal.

Changing people’s lives

Changing people’s lives for the better based on Joseph Pilates system of exercises. All of the method amazes my clients in every class. Like today the Bench Mat changed a clients roll up before the rest of the classes eyes. A choir singing coach inspired by a simple arm movement in preparation for Swan dive who will be using it in her next choir class. Inspirational and aha moments during every class for clients to Read more…