Precision and correction are the top priority

Lianne offers different types of instruction based on your availability and what your body needs:

  • Cost effective small classes
  • Private Instruction
    • in a studio with classic equipment
    • in your home
    • over Zoom
To book a private appointment please message Lianne on Facebook

In the studio classic equipment is used to personalise your sessions.

Smaller equipment pieces can be used in the studio, in classes or in your home.

All classes are taught by Lianne Gregory – an advanced teacher with precision and correction being top priority.

Class sizes are small, two to four people, to ensure time to adjust each participant during every exercise performed.


A minimum 24 hours notice is required to cancel any booking. The full amount is due if 24 hours notice is not given. Late arrivals will be able to use the remainder of an appointment but the session time will be lessened in order that the next client is welcomed on time.

The following types of instruction are currently offered in one-to-one or private groups. If you are interested in a specialist form of Pilates please ask.

        • Antenatal Pilates
          For all pregnant ladies who want to maintain some fitness and improve posture through safe exercises modified for each stage of pregnancy.
        • Beginners Pilates
          If you are new to Pilates or want to sharpen up your technique by going back to basics.
        • Classical Pilates
          Classical Pilates sticks as closely as possible to Joseph Pilate’s original work. Moves are preformed precisely and controlled with the correct muscle recruitment and firing order.
        • Contemporary Pilates
          Contemporary Pilates is based on the work of Joseph Pilates but has been modernised by adjusting the exercises to fit with modern research. This form of Pilates is scientifically proven to re-balance and realign the body and assist in rehabilitation of injury. (Contemporary pilates is different to fitness pilates which is offered in many gyms and by level I and level II instructors.)
        • Core Fusion
          A mix of different core exercises to work this key area of your body. It will hurt!
        • Barre
          Using a ballet-style barre and modified exercises to lengthen and strengthen your body. Sometimes choreographed to music for an intense class
        • Pilates Progression
          Those who are more experienced in Pilates and want to progress to more advanced exercises and use equipment to enhance some exercises to a different level and feeling.
        • Modified Pilates
          Those with postural problems, non specific back pain, general aches and pains, getting a little older or just like a slower paced class.
        • Pilates for Men
          Be in a class where your goals are similar. Gain strength, flexibility, power and become aware of how bad posture effects all you do.
        • Equilates
          Horse riders wanting to become more in tune with their horse through better posture, muscle balance and equal weight distribution can benefit from equestrian pilates – click here to read more.